CHE NAUTICAL & ENVIRO EDUTAINMENT Mission is to research and interpret African Heritage History in Colonial America and World History, beyond the run of the mill stories of slavery.  It explores various aspects of African Heritage life, as common folks, apprentice, mariners, soldiers, farmers, craftsmen, explorers, doctors, inventors, educators, scholars, etc, etc in 17th, 18th, 19th century culture, from the caribbean seas, across the Atlantic, up the Chesapeake and the Hudson,  for the purposes of sharing and celebrating history, inspiration, cultural enrichment, education and environmental learning.

CHE NAUTICAL & ENVIRO EDUTAINMENT is a distinguished among the society of historical interpreters that seeks to promote living history events with historical accuracy, african heritage portrayal and safety. Our work responds to the national need for educating and inspiring our citizenry in American and World History, by immersing the American public & visitors in a living reminder of our rich heritage.

Each program offers the option of a living history museum with demonstrations with over a dozen props and artifacts, and various hands public engagement activities for families and children to enjoy.

CHE Nautical and Enviro Edutainment operates as an umbrella organization for reenactors and living historians interpreting multiple eras and historical events.

A principle focus of CHE N&EE is to develop and inspire the next generation of reenactors and living historians. Our goal is the foster young, enthusiastic and knowledgeable ambassadors
of African Heritage History in America.


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With every production, we offer a choice of several hands-on activities for families and children to enjoy!

Net Making and Net Traps Making

...and much more

We offer a program for each of the School Year Holidays
with activities that celebrates the change of seasons

...Some other exciting things happening about the stories we tell

The 1st Rhode Island Regiment Reenactors
African American Heritage in the American Revolution with Joe Becton